City Council meeting November 12, 2012

The meeting called to order at 6 p.m.  This Veteran’s Day meeting lasted about 25 minutes during which the council rescheduled upcoming December meetings to Dec. 3 and Dec. 17, rescheduled several public hearings, and conducted routine business such as referring issues to committees and paying bills.  Public hearings moved to Dec. 17 for proper advance notice are Community Garden ordinance, Zoe’s sign variance, and measure to increase city license fees. All measures were decided on unanimous votes.

Council members present:  Michael Hallman, Britt Thames, Patrick McClusky, Walter Jones, Heather Reid, Jenifer Champ-Wallis, Peter Wright.

Absent:  Members Fred Hawkins, Vance Moody, Bruce Limbaugh, Richard Laws.

Staff present:  Linda Cook, city clerk, Mike Kendrick, city attorney, J.J. Bischoff, mayor’s chief of staff, mayor Scott McBrayer.

Audience attendance: 7, including The Birmingham News.

Votes of note:

Approved:    Resolution recognizing the 2012 Homewood High School Patriot Varsity Football Team for making the 5A State Playoffs.  (Motion by McClusky, second by Hallman.)

Approved:   Minutes of Oct. 16 and Oct. 22 meetings, after reading by Kendrick. (Motion by McClusky, second by Thames.)

Approved: Motion to move Nov. 26th council meeting to the December schedule, (Jones, second by McClusky); Motion to reschedule Old Business Agenda Public Hearings  from Nov. 19 to Dec. 17 (McClusky, second by Reid).

Approved:    Motion to move public hearings on Nov. 26 to Dec. 17.

Announcement or comments:

Hallman said a resident had requested the rec center construction information be published on the city website. Jones said parks director Berkley Squires was working to publish the plan on the parks website, which could be linked to the city website.

Thames, a new council member, thanked fellow members for helping him learn meeting procedures in past weeks.

Meeting adjourned 6:25.


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