Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting, Dec. 6, 2012

BZAThe Board of Zoning Adjustments had a light agenda with only five items, three for residential renovations/additions.  A fourth case involved subdividing one parcel into six lots, all with variances. In a final case, owners of two adjacent Wellington Road lots were given permission to build a house behind an existing swimming pool. In this unusual case, the pool originally belonged with the current house before the previous owners subdivided the property years ago, leaving the pool on its own lot (unknown at the time to zoning officials). Both lots were sold to the current owners who want to build a smaller house for themselves next door, and requested variances to allow the pool (accessory structure) in front and to reduce setback from the rear property line.  The unusual configuration will not be visible from the street due to the elevation.

All votes were unanimous in favor of the requested variances.

Present:  Board members Valerie Askew, Sandy Eichelberger, Jeff Foster, Lauren Gwaltney, and Ross McCain.  Newly appointed board member Trey Shaffer was present, but did not participate in votes.

Absent:  Board member Hope Cannon

Staff present:  Board Secretary Donna Bridges, Greg Cobb and Vanessa McGrath, city engineering department.

Audience Attendance:  13

Approved:  October 2012 minutes.

Postponed:  Because some members had not read them, the minutes of the November meeting will be considered at the January board meeting.

New Business:

Approved:  Front and side setback for addition at 824 Grove Street.

Approved:  Subdivide parcel at 1106 Irving Road to six lots, with width and square footage variance.

Approved:  Front and side setback variances for addition at 1425 Oxmoor Road.

Approved:  Rear setback and front accessory building for new residence at 1608 Wellington Road.

Approved:  Side setback for addition at 538 Broadway.

Approved:  BZA calendar for 2013, first Thursdays as before, with July meeting on July 11 instead of July 4.


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