Board of Zoning Adjustments, Jan. 3, 2013

BZAThe board had a very light agenda with only three items to be considered.  One generated a great deal of attention and the most audience participation — a request for a 16 ft. variance for a house that had been moved from Mountain Brook to Cobb Street and improperly located too close to the street (by 9 feet) due to the owner’s confusion about how to measure for the setback.  The variance originally was requested to allow for attaching a porch. Staff clarified later that the house was 9 feet beyond the setback limit even without the porch.

All votes were unanimous.

Present:  Board Members Valerie Askew, Hope Cannon, Sandy Eichelberger, Jeffrey Foster, Lauren Gwaltney, Ross McCain, Trey Schaefer

Staff present:  Donna Bridges, Board Secretary, Vanessa McGrath, and Greg Cobb, all of the Building, Engineering and Zoning Department

Audience attendance:  21

Postponed: The board voted to table approval of the December meeting minutes and, for the second consecutive month, the November minutes because not all board members had read them.

Denied: Setback variance for 816 Cobb Street. The house will have to be moved before construction can begin.

Approved:  4 ft. left building setback variance for 412 Woodland Drive.

Approved:  .9 ft. right side building setback (existing) and .9 ft. upper level right side setback for 900 Westover Drive.


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