Parks and Recreation Board, Jan. 10, 2013

PARKSAnnual reports from the Homewood Youth Cheerleading and Homewood Patriot Youth Football programs led off the meeting, followed by regular business and an interesting request from a resident wanting to use Central Park on Feb. 16 for a theatrically staged marriage proposal to his girlfriend. The Park Board’s programs committee also reported continued concern with the soccer program, whose annual report in December showed two personal loans made to cover a large year-end deficit. The program committee met for an extended time about financial matters and will ask for a six-month progress report.

Members present: Parks and Recreation Board Chairman Chris Mason, Becky Morton, Paula Smalley, Tom Walker, programs chairman, Keith Stansell, and Tim Baggett.

Absent:  Don Little, facilities chairman, Tom Blake, and City Council liaison Rich Laws.

Staff present: Berkley Squires, director.

Audience attendance:  8

HYC Report:  Club president Julie Foster reported a successful year, with 89 girls from 1st-6th grade participating–a 40% increase over the previous year. HYC raised $1,812 from five fundraisers ($1,000 from the Park & Rec board) and $1,650 from 12 business sponsors. The girls cheer for the Homewood Patriot Youth Football games.  The club reduced fees from $110 to $90 for residents and from $135 to $105 for nonresidents, and finished with nearly $1,000 to start the next year.  Total deposits were $29,481 against expenses of $27,421, and a balance carried forward from the prior year of $1,221. The club was able to buy all new updated uniforms. Concerns were two broken arms during HYC events, the resignation of the treasurer, and resistance from some to signing participation waivers. Ms. Foster asked the board to consider providing a location for all rehearsals to make supervision easier.

HPYF Report:  Club president Clete Walker and vice president Andy Marsch delivered the report, emphasizing that numbers were down substantially and five teams posted an overall losing year(21 wins versus 23 losses), although three teams went to playoffs. A total 109 boys played–down from 115 the previous year and as high as 135 in years past–with 12 resident boys playing on scholarships. Some concerns are competition from soccer and lacrosse; also a new league rule limiting the number of players from outside the school system without board approval will require better recruitment within the city. Walker said the West Oxmoor Road sign needs repainting and the club’s biggest need is more help from the park board marketing spring registration. Fees are $225.  Financially, the club took in $32,446 from all sources against expenses of $27,113, and has a balance of $29,041 to replace helmets, shoulder pads and meet other field and equipment expenses.

Approved:  Minutes of the December 2012 meeting.

Rec center demolition bid awarded Dec. 18: Tomlin Excavating Co., of Tarrant won the contract with $261,725 next-to-lowest bid. The low bidder, D. H. Griffin Wrecking Co., Inc., of Hoover, withdrew its bid of $183,102, which didn’t include the alternate cost of razing an existing house on Manhattan Street.

Approved: The board had no objection to allowing a resident to use Central Park for a special marriage proposal Feb. 16.

Next meeting set: This was the last meeting at the old rec center. The next meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 7 at 5:30 p.m. at the temporary location on Green Springs, in the former Jeffco satellite building. Committee meetings will be held there on Feb. 5.

The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.


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