Board of Zoning Adjustment, Feb. 7, 2013

BZA[From staff notes] The board approved two residential setback variances after hearing public comment of concern about drainage on one of the cases, a new residence planned on West Linwood Drive.

Members present: Valerie Askew, Sandy Eichelberger, Jeffrey Foster, Ross McCain, Trey Schaefer.

Members absent: Hope Cannon, Lauren Gwaltney.

Staff present: Donna Bridges, board secretary, Vanessa McGrath, Greg Cobb, Engineering Department.

Audience attendance:  3

All votes are unanimous unless noted otherwise.

Approved:  Minutes of November, December 2012

Carried over:  Minutes of January 3, 2013

Approved:  Variance for a 6.25-foot right building setback for a new residence planned at 206 West Linwood Drive. Approval followed a public hearing at which a neighbor raised concerns about drainage from the property to his property.  Mr. Cobb, who is also a neighborhood resident, explained the limits of the city’s responsibility over private property. The parties are scheduled to meet separately to discuss possible solutions.

Approved:  A 13-foot right side setback variance for a residential addition planned at 1026 Saulter Road, following a public hearing at which no one spoke.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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