Board of Zoning Adjustments, March 7, 2013

BZAThe board met for an hour and approved seven residential variance cases, with a stipulation on a request at 303 Kenilworth Drive that the fire marshal approve plans before proceeding.

Members present:  Valerie Askew, Hope Cannon, Sandy Eichelberger, vice chairman Jeffrey Foster, Lauren Gwaltney, Trey Schaefer.

Absent:  Ross McCain, chairman

Staff present:  Donna Bridges, board secretary, Greg Cobb, Engineering and Zoning Department.

Audience attendance:  12

All votes were unanimous.

Approved:  Minutes of the February 7, 2013 meeting [Unclear if January’s minutes were approved.]

Approved:  Following a public hearing in which no one commented, the board approved a variance for homeowners at 208 Hillmoor Lane . Homeowners Carol and Pete Peterson said the new building was 2 feet wider than the present one. The additional 2 feet must be in depth, not width into the side yard.

Approved:  After a public hearing in which no one commented, the board approved a 10.45-ft. right side variance for an addition of a deck and carport at 315 LaPlaya Place. Architect Jean Cecil spoke for residents Bob and Klari Tedrow. (A neighbor had reviewed the plans at the city’s engineering office and had no opposition.)

Approved:  After a public hearing in which no one commented, the board approved a setback variance for a new residence at 1608 Wellington Drive to provide a driveway turnaround for the homeowner, Katrina Blades, who currently lives on the property next door. Ms. Blades said the new house will be 45-feet to the rear of the current house. In this unusual case of a house being built behind an existing swimming pool, she had presented an earlier request for variances in December.

Approved with stipulations:  Following a public hearing in which no one commented, builder Colt Byrom spoke for homeowners Mike and Angela McKinney, who plan to build a new house at 303 Kenilworth Drive. They requested a variance to build an attached garage closer than allowed to neighboring property. Ms. Eichelberger pointed out that the fire marshal had commented the new house would be “dangerously close” to the other property in the event of a fire, and must be furnished with a sprinkler system. Mr. Byrom said the garage was close to the property line, but toward the rear of the house; he felt the fire marshal would approve it without a sprinkler system after seeing it on a site visit.  The case was pushed to the end of the meeting while the applicants discussed their options. They later asked for and received approval for the variance, contingent on the fire marshal’s approval. 

Approved:  After a public hearing in which no one commented, the board approved a 16-foot front variance (facing Rumson Road) for a renovation at 401 Devon Drive to build a great room where there is now a carport. Architect Joe Ellis spoke for homeowner James Wilson.  He said thethe footprint of the new construction will be similar but not exactly the same as the carport.

Approved:  Two people raised concerns during the public hearing for a new residence planned at 1600 Oxmoor Road, on the corner of Hanover Road. Architect Joe Ellis requested a 20-foot front setback variance off Hanover and a 7.5-foot left setback variance, according to the agenda.  Neighbors Heather Hallman and (councilman) Mike Hallman each spoke with separate concerns. Ms. Hallman was concerned that people who park in an alley won’t have the space to back up and turn around. Mr. Hallman was concerned about traffic visibility for cars pulling out onto Oxmoor.  Mr. Cobb said the new building’s position allowed sufficient room for alley traffic and posed no problem with the sight line.

Approved:  After a public hearing in which there was no comment, homeowner Michael Morrow requested a 4.5-foot left building setback variance for a substantial addition to a house at 311 Kenilworth Drive.  Mr. Morrow said a covered carport must be placed to the left of the house because the lot narrowed toward the rear and also lay in a floodway.  He said the fire marshal made a site visit and he’s agreed to build using certain fire-proof materials.

There being further business, the board adjourned at 7 p.m.


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