Board of Zoning Adjustments, April 4, 2013

BZAThe board met and quickly dispatched four residential cases and one commercial case in 30 minutes. Only two cases had any public comment, both in the form of emails from neighbors.

Members present:  Ross McCain, chairman, Valerie Askew, Sandy Eichelberger, Jeffrey Foster, vice chairman, Lauren Gwaltney, and Trey Schaefer

Members absent:  Hope Cannon

Staff present:  Donna Bridges, board Secretary, and Vanessa McGrath, Homewood engineering and zoning department

Audience attendance:  11

All votes were unanimous.

Approved:  Minutes of the March 7, 2013 meeting.

Approved:  Setback variance of 3.5 feet on the right rear side of a house to be built at 507 Yorkshire Drive.  A next door neighbor, who sold the property to the current owner, sent an email in support of the variance.

Approved:  A front building setback variance of .7 feet and a right side variance of .27 feet for a Habitat for Humanity house to be built at 2523 18th Place South.

Approved:  a setback variance of 1.8 feet on the right side for a second-story addition to a residence at 202 East Linwood Drive.  The lots are pie shaped and the addition will be within the same footprint as the first floor.

Approved:  A front setback variance of 4.7 feet to add a roof gable and extend the roof line to achieve “visual depth” on the front of a house at 1509 Wellington Road. (The house already has an 18-inch variance.)  Although the houses on this stretch of Wellington are in alignment across the front, this lot is shorter because the road curves in at this point.  The roof gable will thus make the house proper appear farther from the street. A resident at 1500 Wellington emailed Ms. McGrath with questions about a variance request at this address from the 1990s that was found not to have related to this part of the house, and which had not been implemented.  The person who emailed did not offer a position for or against the variance.

Approved:  A dual request was made for one less parking space than zoning regulations require and for extra access to a parking lot for a commercial building for the Slaughter Group, a marketing firm, to be constructed at 2768 B. M. Montgomery Street, behind Huftstutler’s.  [This lot was the subject of a city council public nuisance hearing for overgrown weeds in 2012.] The proposed business will not generate much traffic. The ordinance requires 8.3 parking places for the square footage, and the owner asked to have the number rounded down to 8 instead of up to 9.  The parking variance will allow traffic to enter and exit the parking area directly from a public street and an alley. Other businesses in the immediate area assented to this request.

The meeting adjourned slightly after 6:30 PM.


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