Board of Zoning Adjustments, June 6, 2013

BZAThe board took 45 minutes to grant five residential setback variances on several spring remodeling additions and one new residence in Edgewood and environs.

Members present:  Ross McCain, chairman, Phillip Foster, vice chairman, Lauren Gwaltney, Trey Schaefer, Valerie Askew.

Members absent:  Hope Cannon and Sandy Eichelberger.

Staff present:  Donna Bridges, board secretary, Greg Cobb and Vanessa McGrath,   city Building, Engineering and Zoning staff.

Audience attendance:  9

All votes were unanimous. No one spoke for or against any of the cases during the public hearings.

Approved:  Minutes of the May 2, 2013 meeting

Approved:  A 6-foot allowance into the required side setback for an addition to 1602 Manhattan Street.  Builder Korey Nations of Natco Construction of Hoover said the rear of the lot was too narrow to build into. The variance leaves  12 feet between the house and the neighbor’s house.

Approved:  A 15-foot allowance into the required left setback for a vacant house under a purchase contract at 441 Crest Drive. Builder Korey Nations also spoke on behalf of this project, in which a second story is being added onto the basement-level detached garage.  The garage and addition will be tied to the house under one roof.  The variance is needed because the garage is currently only 10 feet off the property line, and beyond the setback limit.

Approved:  An 11-foot allowance into the required rear setback for an addition near a rear alley at 1145 South Shadesview Terrace.  Homeowner Todd Holcombe  provided statements from neighbors in support of the addition.  The addition will have the same siding as the house.

Approved:  A 4-foot allowance into the required left side setback for a new residence planned at 1510 Bellview Circle.  Architect Joe Ellis spoke on behalf of the project, saying the pie-shaped lot didn’t allow space to build toward the rear. He said the variance still leaves room for a vegetation buffer between the new house and neighboring house.

Approved:  A 2.5-foot allowance into the required left side setback for an addition to a house at 607 Morris Boulevard.  Builder Jason Hale said there is only an 8-foot space now between the property’s garage and the neighbor’s garage. The addition will take down the garage and increase the space to 15 feet–which is still too close to build without a variance. The addition will be guttered to drain water away from the neighboring proerty. Mr. Hale said the vinyl siding was removed to reveal a cedar shake-like siding, which would be used on the addition as well.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at about 6:45 p.m.


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