Park Board, July 25, 2013

PARKSA plan to develop a pocket park on a residential lot off Broadway Street got a stamp of approval tonight from the park board, although any planning and development will have to await funding by the city, which is still in the process of purchasing the property on “short” Saulter Road. In a fairly short meeting, the board also approved 8 events  recommended to be held at several city parks.

Members Present:  Chris Mason, chairman, Chris Meeks, vice-chairman, Tom Walker, Keith Stansell, Tim Baggett, and Tom Blake.

Members Absent:  Becky Morton, Don Little, Paula Smalley, and council liaison Richard Laws.

Staff Present:  Director Berkley Squires, Dianne Rice, secretary

Audience Attendance:  3

All votes were unanimous unless otherwise noted.

Approved:  Meeting minutes of the June 6, 2013 board meeting were approved.

Director’s Comments:  Mr. Squires reported that he’s working on the park and recreation budget with the mayor. Construction of the new recreation center is progressing, with masonry work moving ahead quickly.  The water main has been completed and an AT&T line relocated.

Approved:  Formation of a Homewood Adult Soccer Board.

Approved:  The board approved the use of Central Park for two events to support a pancreatic cancer charity, one on Oct. 27 and one on Feb. 22, at $750 rental.

 Approved:  The West Homewood Lions Club was approved to to oversee parking at   for Homewood High School football games, with proceeds to be used for Lions Club scholarships.

 Approved:  West Homewood Lions were approved to serve and sell hot dogs and hamburgers at the Back to School Bash in August at Central Park.

 Approved:  The Alabama Symphony Orchestra will be performing in Central Park in October or November 2013 with the proviso that security for parking and portable toilets be provided by the requesting party. Click here to see a pdf of the contract, under Option #1.

Approved:  The Creative Montessori School was approved to use Central Park for a fundraiser on Sept. 14, at a fee of $500.

Approved:  Virginia College was approved to use a field at West Homewood Park for a kickball tournament on Aug. 31, at a fee of $200.

Approved:  After some discussion to determine how it might be used, the board voted to accept a parcel of property on “short” Saulter Road as park property should the City Council be successful in purchasing it. The only stipulation is that the property would not be developed until the City Council funds planning for the property and the actual development of the property.

Set the next meetings:  The next regular board meeting will be on Sept. 5 at the Senior Center.  (The current meeting is serving as both the July and August meeting.)  The programs and facilities committees will meet Aug. 27 at the Senior Center.


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