Board of Zoning Adjustments, Jan. 2, 2014

BZAA 10-item agenda beginning at 6 p.m. threatened to leave attendees staring at their cell phones for Sugar Bowl updates as Alabama played Oklahoma beginning at 7:30.  Several cases were returning for “safety rulings” although the city last month expanded the allowable buildable area for accessory structures, making variances unnecessary. Two cases involved applicants wanting to put air conditioning units in the set-back area, a move now requiring a zoning variance. The Fire Marshal’s opinion was the final word on many of tonight’s requests. There was a rare variance denial, for an outdoor fireplace.

Members present:  Valerie Askew, Sandy Eichelberger, Jeffrey Foster, Lauren Gwaltney, Ross McCain, and Trey Schaefer.

Members absent:  Hope Cannon

Staff present:  Donna Bridges, board secretary, Greg Cobb and Vanessa McGrath, Building, Engineering and Zoning Department.

Audience aattendance: 32

Approved:  Minutes of the November and December 2013 meetings were approved.

All votes were unanimous unless otherwise noted.

Approved:  A 5-foot right side setback and a 2.5-foot left side setback for a second floor at 403 Morris Boulevard were approved with a requirement by the Fire Marshal that the entire structure be furnished with automatic sprinklers.

Carried over:  Due to a decision by the owner to make some changes that would necessitate another look by the Fire Marshal, the variances requested for 425 Devon Drive will be heard at the Feb.6 meeting.

Approved:  Members okayed a 5-foot building setback variance for an already built uninhabitable attic at 1411 Melrose Place that the Fire Marshal approved if the contractor would seal it off with fire rated sheetrock so that no one could access it.

Approved:  A 4-foot left setback for an HVAC unit at 1618 Roseland Drive.

Approved:  A .8-foot left side setback for attic space above a garage was approved along with a 4-foot left side setback for an HVAC unit at 302 Poinciana Drive.

Approved an open air carport: A 12-foot left side accessory structure

325 Westover Drive was on tonight's agenda.

325 Westover Drive was on tonight’s agenda.

setback for an open air carport at 325 Westover Drive was approved by the Fire Marshal as long as it remains open and not enclosed.

Approved more room for an addition:  The members approved a 10.25-foot right side setback and a 9.83-foot left side setback for a new master bedroom and bath on a pie-shaped lot at 316 Westover Drive.

Approved several variances at one address: Several variances were approved to update a house at 1727 Mayfair Drive in order to replace a concrete deck with a wooden one, to renovate a former flat roof into a gabled roof, and to renovate inside an existing side setback.

Approved four and denied one variance: Of five variances requested for a screened porch, pool and fireplace at 1758 Huntington Road, the screened porch (7-foot rear variance) and three for the pool (5-foot left setback  and 1.5-foot right setback variance, and 5-foot variance for a pool equipment storage area)  were approved unanimously, while a variance request for an poolside fireplace was turned down–also unanimously–after long deliberation.

Approved:  A 5-foot aide and rear setback variance for an accessory structure already under construction at 2621 and 2617 Woodfern Court was approved. The addresses are a condominium complex with the accessory building replacing one in decay due to falling limbs and tree roots in the foundation.  The condo association spoke in favor of the variance.

The crowd hastily dispersed to get home to watch the Sugar Bowl.


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