FYI-Special posts and how to watch for them

This Thursday is a unique public hearing for a local motel denied a business license due to alleged criminal activity on the premises. The owners will have their say and, if the denial is upheld by the council, they may choose to appeal to circuit court. Copies of the notice are readily available, including on the homewoodatlarge Facebook page.


Which leads to the question of when to easily check in to see reports of off-schedule or special called meetings like this.  Here’s one easy way for users of Firefox to do it–use the RSS Feed feature. To use it, simply open the Homewoodatlarge page on your browser, click on “Bookmarks” at the top of the page, then choose “Subscribe to this Page” in the drop-down menu. The icon for the blog will appear on the bookmarks bar. (I have the icons for the New York Times, The Homewood Star, and a few others.)

Now, any time you want to check for a new post, click on the icon and a chronological list of the headlines will drop down, giving you a quick link to those posts. Safari doesn’t have the feature, but other browsers might.

Or, “like” the Facebook page and see notices in your newsfeed. I absolutely don’t use Twitter!



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