Planning Commission, May 6, 2014

planning & zoning(1)Is nine minutes a record to conduct a monthly Planning Commission meeting? That’s all it took for the commission to unanimously recommend rezoning a property on Cook Street from C-1 (Office Building) to C-2 (Neighborhood Shopping District, and an application to combine two tax parcels on Crescent Avenue into one tax parcel (and combine 3 lots into one lot).

Members present: Billy Higginbotham, chairman, Mike Brandt, vice-chairman, Fred Azbik, Fred Hawkins (member and council liaison), James Ponseti, and James Riddle.

Members absent: Mark Woods.

Commission vacancies: two seats

Staff attendance: Donna Bridges, commission secretary; Greg Cobb, manager of the Engineering, Planning & Zoning Department; and Vanessa McGrath, Engineer, Engineering, Planning and Zoning Department.

Audience attendance: 2

All votes were unanimous.

Theis vacant Cook Street (behind Piggly Wiggly) property could get a makeover as a beauty salon if rezoned.

Theis vacant Cook Street (behind Piggly Wiggly) property could get a makeover as a beauty salon if rezoned.

Approved: Thornton H. Ratliff, a real estate development manager with The Dobbins Group, presented an application on behalf of TDG Cook Street, LLC. He requested that 3006 Cook Street be rezoned from C-1 (Office Building District) to C-2 (Neighborhood Shopping District) so that a beauty salon can be located in a vacant building on the property. He stated that the rezoning would be consistent with the zoning of adjoining properties. The commission opened a public hearing, but no comments were offered. Commission members asked about adequacy of parking and Mr. Ratliff said that was a priority. Ms. McGrath provided more details: The plans calls for four to five stations at the salon, and the city requires each station to have two parking spots. She said there was plenty of land to create adequate parking.

Screen shot from Google Maps showing approximate location of the Cook Street property.

Google Maps screen shot showing approximate location of the Cook Street property.

Mr. Higginbotham reminded the applicant that the commission’s approval was merely a recommendation to the City Council. (Cases generally move from the commission to the council’s Planning and Development Committee, which deliberates further on the matter and offers its own recommendation before sending it to the full council. The full council votes after conducting another public hearing.

SIGNATUREHEALTHApproved: Dr. Robert Spiegel, a physician with Signature Health, presented an application on behalf of Mars Properties LLC, to have 2910 and 2914 Crescent Avenue resurveyed from two tax parcels to one tax parcel (and three lots to one lot). One building spans both parcels. Again, there was no comment during the public hearing, but during commission questioning, Ms. McGrath pointed out that the need to combine parcels and lots became evident when the property owner applied for a sign variance. She clarified that the lots can be combined administratively, but commission approval is needed to combine tax parcels. The two actions are required so that tax records will match property records.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:09.


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