Park Board meeting, Aug. 7, 2014*

PARKS[This report was supplied by Parks & Recreation Superintendent Rusty Holley due to the absence of a reporter. Although Holley reported that no items were denied, a request by a personal trainer and a majority of his 15 clients to reduce or cap the hourly rate charged to instructors was not carried over from the July meeting, but was dropped with no motion made to approve in a Facilities Committee meeting. Trainer Royce Head asked the board and a board committee last month to consider his request, which would allow him to keep his own fees low and his availability for one-on-one training time virtually unlimited.]

Members present: Paula Smalley, Tom Blake, Tom Walker, Becky Morton, Keith Stansell and Tyler Vail.

Members absent: Michael Murray, Marjorie Trimm, and Chris Meeks, chairman.

Audience attendance:  0

Approved: Minutes of the July 12, 2014 meeting.

Approved West Homewood Lions Club to manage game day parking, and keep all proceeds: The park board approved the Lions Club’s traditional role managing game day parking at West Homewood Park and Weygand Field. In an apparent departure from tradition, the funds will not be split with the high school as previously, but will be “fully put back into scholarships and the Lion’s Club charity work.”

Approved the following special events:

Homewood Police Dept National Night Out, at Homewood Central Park,
Tuesday, October 7, 2014.

HANDMADE Art Festival, by the Homewood Arts Advisory Council, at Patriot Park, Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014.

Birmingham’s Big Ice Cream Festival, by The Animal League of Birmingham, at Homewood Central Park, Sunday, July 19, 2015.


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