Board of Zoning Adjustments, March 10, 2015

BZAThis meeting was rescheduled from the previous week, when snow threatened. A case at 102 Edgeview Boulevard has since been withdrawn.

Members present: Lauren Gwaltney, Brian Jarmon, Beverly LeBoeuf, and Ross McCain. Hope Cannon arrived after the evening’s cases were decided.

Members absent: Jeffrey Foster (S), vice chairman, Valerie Askew (S), Hope Cannon (absent during votes).

Staff present: Greg Cobb and Vanessa McGrath, Building, Engineering, and Zoning Department, Donna Bridges, board secretary.

Audience attendance: 5

*Note on procedure: By state law, zoning variances granted by the 5-member board require a super majority of 4 members voting in the affirmative. To keep business moving in case of absences, the law also allows two substitutes (S) to sit in and vote if needed. All decisions are made following a public hearing. Variances expire in 180 days if a building permit isn’t obtained.

Approved minutes of Dec. 4, 2014 meeting.


3108 Whitehall Road

Approved a variance for an addition on Whitehall Road: The board allowed a 1.8-foot variance for the right side of the building, and a .8-foot variance on the left side for an extension that will go straight back from the rear of the house. The current house already occupies the side setback areas for which variances were requested.

917 Irving Road

917 Irving Road

Approved a variance for an addition on Irving Road:  The variance allows the owner to build 4 feet into the right side setback line at 917 Irving Road for an addition. The house already occupied most of the setback area; tonight’s variance extended the building area by 5 inches.

1422 Ardsley Place

1422 Ardsley Place

Approved a variance for an addition on Ardsley Place:  A variance of .6 feet was approved at 1422 Ardsley Place for a bathroom addition. The variance added 3 inches to the amount of setback the house already occupied.


The meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.


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