Board of Zoning Adjustments, May 7, 2015


Too close for comfort? The house (left) at 300 Windsor Drive was denied a variance needed to rebuild and enlarge a garage following a neighbor’s objection about encroachment and in light of conflicting surveys from both parties.

The board denied one request this month for variances allowing a significant 1 1/2 floor garage expansion. Five cases were approved for additions and storage sheds.

Members present: Brian Jarmon, Jeffrey Foster, Beverly LeBoeuf, Hope Cannon, Lauren Gwaltney, and Ty Cole.

Members absent: 0

Staff present: Greg Cobb, Building, Engineering, and Zoning Department, Donna Bridges, board secretary.

Audience attendance: 12

Approved minutes of the Feb. 5, 2015, meeting minutes.

A two-story house will replace this tiny house on Morris.

A two-story house — and carport –will replace this tiny house on Morris.

Approve variances for a major addition on  Morris: The applicant for 702 Morris Avenue last month was granted a 7.2-foot left building setback variance on a planned second floor, and returned this month to request a left-side variance for a carport, initially overlooked by zoning staff.

Variances were granted for a bathroom and deck addition that preserved a tree on the property.

405 St. Charles Street. Variances were granted for a bathroom and deck addition that preserved a tree on the property.

Granted a variance that save a tree: The applicant at 405 St. Charles Street was granted a 2-foot right building setback variance for a bathroom and 2.5-foot left building variance for a deck. The applicants said they chose the location of the bathroom to avoid removing a large tree on the lot.






121 East Hawthorne

Allowed a shed on a narrow East Hawthorne lot: A homeowner at 121 East Hawthorne were allowed 5-foot side and rear accessory structure variances for a pre-fab shed. The lot is triangular, narrowing to only 17 feet at the rear. The homeowners said they would set the shed as far into the lot as possible.


313 LeJeune Way

Approved variances for an expanded deck on LeJeune Way: The board granted a 7-5-foot right building setback variance for a new deck at 313 LeJeune Way and allowed a height variance. The stated hardship for height was that building it wider would block access to ground-level garage and building deeper would require removing a large tree. The design had been altered previously to suit a next-door neighbor.

Overton Road

3125 Overton Road

An addition allowed on Overton: A 3.35-foot left building variance was allowed at 3125 Overton Drive for a first-floor master bedroom addition.


300 Windsor Drive



Denied a request for a 1 1/2 floor garage on Windsor Drive: Opposition from a neighbor and confusion over conflicting surveys led to a denial for this request to raze and rebuild a larger garage at 300 Windsor Drive. A neighbor said the eaves of the applicant’s existing garage already extended into her property. The applicant denied it, saying the neighbor’s fence was built a foot onto his property. BZA members were unable to make a ruling due to oddities on the survey itself, and the request was denied.

The applicant’s design for the garage was 900 square feet on the first floor with a partial second floor that code requires setting back 10 feet. The applicant had sought a variance from that requirement,  claiming it would interfere with garage access from the driveway.


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