Status of Park Board plans for West Homewood – March 15, 2017

The following is from Ward 2 Park Board representative Chris Bailey.

Below is an up-to-date snapshot of where we are in the process of moving forward. Next month City Council meeting will be the big day when the Park Board gets a “Go” or “Stop” on our plans. Let me know any questions you may have.

  • After the initial announcement of the “Plans” for the High School, the other schools, and the Park were announced and all bonding and tax items approved and set in place, Bruce Limbaugh decided to create a task force made up of (2) Park Board reps, (2) City Council reps, Tim Ross the Police Chief, and (2) School Board Reps and to do a Homewood Land Use Study. This group would take RFP’s from some local contracting companies to act as a Program Manager to help both the school, the city, and the Park to determine best way to utilize the funds they have allocated. The Task Force is meeting this Thursday to select the firm that will each entity will move forward with and they will present this to the City Council at the April meeting for approval to move forward with projects.
  • In regards to the Parks plans. During this “waiting” phase, the Park Board developed a very rough plan on paper that we would pursue should the school board decide not to move the high school to the West Homewood area. Here is a rough idea of what that plan includes….as I said, this was all done on Google Maps and a scratch piece of paper.
    • Put ~4 multipurpose fields in the location of the existing Mason Property
    • There is a portion of the Mason Property that has been added on in the recent past. We want to see if this can be renovated into a gymnasium for a fair amount since the structure and foundation are there. With athletics growing every year and Homewood already being out of gym space, this is a pretty important item.
    • Renovate and remodel all existing ball fields and press boxes
    • Add ~4 new ball fields
    • Move West Homewood Park pool to Patriot Park location. Existing facility is in very bad shape and we need space for more fields to accommodate over populated baseball programs. Also, Central Park pool is overcrowded and a new pool would help take stress of other facility.
    • Create more parking and access roads from stadium instead of just access from West Oxmoor.
    • Utilize exiting facilities warehouse on backside of property for storage for each Homewood Youth Sport along with possible indoor batting cage facility.
  •  This “Option B” concept is actually better financially for the Parks and Rec because of our ability to renovate and remodel instead of full demolish as was plan with the High School plan.
  • Due to having to work around baseball season, the Park Board has requested moving forward immediately with approval by City Council in April with conceptual drawings by whomever is chosen as Program Manager and Architectural Firm by the Task Force.
  • The tentative plan is this;
    • Approval first of April
    • Conceptual drawings produced of West Homewood Park and pool at Patriot Park
    • Public Forum to discuss round 1 concept drawings
    • Revise drawings with public input
    • Public Forum #2 to show revised plans per input
    • Revise drawings for final set
    • Start project on June 30th at both locations to ensure project is finished by baseball and softball season of 2018 along with the opening of the pool for summer. If project gets delayed for whatever reason, it would push project back (1) year since having to work around baseball and softball seasons.


Christopher Bailey, LEED A.P.
Faithful Construction LLC

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