Survey Question 3 of 5, Taking Stock–measuring public engagement and satisfaction

Councilman Patrick McClusky, city attorney Michael Kendrick and council Finance Committee chair Walter Jones talk before a meeting about the $110 Million bond issue earlier this year.

In the first two surveys of a five-part series. we learned what residents value most about living in Homewood (#1 results), and what city assets residents think deserve more attention (#2 results). In this third part, we ask if respondents are satisfied with the city’s progress on those issues. Or do we know?

Please follow the link and take two minutes to answer Survey Question #3, What Do We Want from Homewood Leadership? Answers are anonymous. Results will be posted.



3 responses to “Survey Question 3 of 5, Taking Stock–measuring public engagement and satisfaction

  1. Liz:

    Have you seen or heard about the Alabama Power pole replacement project on central avenue.

    They have effectively destroyed the sidewalk system, especially as it related to wheelchair or stroller accessibility.

    Is there any plan for the utility of remedy this?

    Years ago they did this to Oxmoor and it is still not fixed.

    I’ve mentioned it to city officials and they seem to indicate there is nothing they can do about it.

    Maybe the utility has the right to destroy public infrastructure but this seems ridiculous.


    • I have seen it and I agree it destroyed the function as well as aesthetics of the street (such as they were). I have also been told the power company for at least a year has been working with the city to bring transmission lines downtown (for more development). Maybe council members have been told there’s nothing they can do? Doesn’t the power company rent the third floor of the courthouse? Seems like they’d know. 🙂


    • I’ve called the PSC and am talking to them to at least learn who authorizes such installations–the chain of command. They also maintain maps of all utility facilities and the distribution network.


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