Welcome to our Homewood blog.

Homewoodatlarge is a blog run by Homewood residents intended to inform readers about the activities of the city’s major boards at their regularly scheduled and special meetings, including the City Council, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and Planning Commission. As of November 2016 I stopped following regular council meetings or any park board meetings because of diminishing information returns for the effort. The council is followed on its special topics only, which since October 2016 includes the $110 million bond issue and Rosedale.

Please, we could use volunteer help and it’s a very interesting way to contribute to your community.  Send an email if you’re interested to homewoodatlarge@gmail.com.

How it works

Blog entries are posted as soon as possible following meetings — usually the same night–and record a summary and impressions of the meeting’s highlights, the actual votes taken, and attendance of members, staff and the public. The result is a searchable public record of everything that went down officially in Homewood for the last council administration, and on into the present.

One warning–Because time is of the essence to get the material posted that night, it is subject to correction, addition, modification, etc.  Blog “followers” will receive an email of the first published post, including any inaccuracies, typos, etc. PLEASE check the blog online to keep current and PLEASE email corrections.

Blog entries are meant to provide basic and timely information about news that affects us all during the sometimes long period of time between the actual meetings and when approved minutes become available. Rarely will the regular business of a city the size of Homewood attract media coverage.

Volunteer blog postings are reviewed and checked for accuracy before they are made public, however, corrections can be made at any time.  Readers, please feel free to point out any information you think is inaccurate, either by reply (moderated) to the entry or by contacting the administrator, and contributor, Liz Ellaby, at homewoodatlarge@gmail.com.


8 responses to “About

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. It IS very frustrating to try to keep abreast of what’s going on because the city website is so slow to post minutes. Any chance you could include the Board of Education?


  2. Thank you for all the great info!


  3. Enjoying your blog! Looks like a lot of work. Looks good….


  4. Good information, Thank you!


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