Park Board meeting, Nov. 5, 2015



The park board met for 20 minutes on Thursday, just time enough to approve the Exceptional Foundation’s December calendar and buy a truck and Senior Center van before saying farewell to long-time board member Tom Blake.

Mr. Blake received a Mayor’s commendation for his 10 years of service. It was mentioned that, although the vacancy has never been announced, the application period for the at-large post has now been closed. A glance at the city’s website shows one applicant, as follows:

Gary Isenhower Homewood Park & Recreation Board Applied: 10/08/15

Members present: Tom Blake, Michael Murray, Paula Smalley, Keith Stansell, Marjorie Trimm, and Tyler Vail.

Members absent: Chris Meeks, chairman, Becky Morton, and Jody Brant. Also absent was council liaison Richard Laws.

Staff present: Berkley Squires, public service superintendent, and Rusty Holley, Rec Center director.

Audience attendance: 1

Approved minutes of the October 2015 meeting minutes.

Approved purchasing a Senior Center van for an amount not to exceed $23,000.

Approved up to $31,000 to purchase a truck for the parks department.


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